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A forest

20 Dec Træ

'Trae' is Danish for tree. Erinma circled back on their relationship to trees, how its changed since growing up in East London and being quite afraid of trees. It was my ninth birthday and for some reason the way that was celebrated in school, was that...

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Erinma and Caroline presenting at Forms of Activism

08 Dec Forms of Activism

Presenting @ Forms of Activism, at The Bern Junior Design Assembly, Switzerland, curated and organised by Common Interest at Hochschule der Kunste Bern. Photo: Hanna Buker. In late November 2019, we presented the beginnings of an essay, Care as Power, as part of the public programme...

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08 Nov IETM, Rijeka

In October, Caroline was invited to attend IETM as part of the British Council delegation with Unlimited. This informal cultural meet up for theatre practitioners was organised with Rijeka 2020, which will be the European Capital of Culture. The theme focused on deepening and challenging...

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30 Oct Jerwood Fellows, Berlin

In September, during Berlin Art Week, with the Jerwood fellows and Manchester International Festival, we travelled to Berlin to meet artists, including Yael Bartana, whose exhibition The Graveyard, was just opening. MIF had organised tickets to see shows and behind the scenes tours at Schaubuhne...

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19 Apr The Manuals

We were guest experts for a first rendition of The Manuals, a radical blueprint that, through daily routines, re-interprets and tests ideas as to how we can actively build and re-animate ecosystems. Audiences were invited consider our provocation on how we might live differently,...

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