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Forms of Activism

Erinma and Caroline presenting at Forms of Activism

08 Dec Forms of Activism

Presenting @ Forms of Activism, at The Bern Junior Design Assembly, Switzerland, curated and organised by Common Interest at Hochschule der Kunste Bern. Photo: Hanna Buker.
In late November 2019, we presented the beginnings of an essay, Care as Power, as part of the public programme of The Bern Junior Design Assembly.

The assembly brought together masters students from six universities in Switzerland to foster collectivity and explore common ground across design specialisms. Prior to the public programme, students hosted meet ups and exercises by Vivienne Tauchmann to unlearn the canon.

We enjoyed presenting alongside Sepake Angiama, Clara Balaguer, followed by a discussion moderated by Sarah Owens. We talked about how we make and reflect on our work as Squirrel Nation as a form of intellectual activism, against hegemony and designing towards preferable futures.

We’re thankful to Nina Paim and Corinne Gisel of Common Interest for the opportunity and to Robert Lzicar and Miriam Koban at Hochschule der Kunste Bern for hosting us.

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