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Nature’s Switch

About This Project

Nature’s Switch is a visual art, moving image piece exploring how red light affects plants in a range of settings – on our allotment, on a farm, our street, our living room and in a plant laboratory, at different times during the day and night. The film is inspired by Daniel Chamovitz’s book, What a Plant knows, a field guide to the senses, which gives an amazing insight into how plants ‘see’ different wavelengths of light to keep to time.

We collaborated with composer and sound artist, Louie O’Grady and piece was created over a three month period between February and April 2015.

Nature’s Switch was commissioned by Wellcome Collection as part of On light, May 1 – 4 2015. Following the annual short film prize win at Shuffle Festival, we were offered the opportunity of a live sound performance of the film, screened in a clearing within London’s most urban woodland, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, as part of Shuffle Festival.

Awards & Screenings 

  • Imagine Science Festival, October 2016, NYC, USA
  • Shuffle Festival, July 2016, East London, UK
  • Shuffle Festival, August 2015 – Won best short film (‘where we are going’)
  • ASFF, November 2015, York, UK
  • London Short Film Festival Jan 2016, UK
  • On Light, Wellcome Collection, May 2015, London, UK




10 minutes


20 November

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