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I Like Dreaming

About This Project

As part of the first National Festival of LGBT History we guest curated a unique 60-minute short film programme that was screened at Archives+ at Manchester Central Library.

I Like Dreaming explored the crossover between art, bohemia and LGBT sexuality through a love of dreaming, fantasy, dressing up and going out. The programme included films from the British Film Institute, North West Film Archive and Lux Moving Image Archive.




I Like Dreaming Dir Charles Lofton, (1994), 6 min, LUX

Medea (2013) Dir Ursula Mayer, 11 min 28secs, LUX

Manchester Mardi Gras (1993) 3m 22s, NWFA

Puce Moment (1949) Dir Kenneth Anger, 6m, BFI

CULTURE CLUB, (2001) 5min 21sec, NWFA

The Life of Brydie (2002) 7mins 24secs, NWFA

Love’s Presentation (1966) Dir. James Scott, 28m, BFI


Caroline Ward and Erinma Ochu

mmu nwfabfi lux






Image credits: LUX archive and BFI


February 04, 2015

Events, Film